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How I became a character from my book

September 25, 2017


In my books, I realize, through my characters, my personal fantasies. Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of being a policewoman, although I don’t have a good answer as to why I didn’t join the security forces. All I can say is that the Mossad (the prestigious Israeli equivalent to the CIA) tried to enlist me after I graduated from university. Of course, they hadn’t read my thoughts! I was simply on the Dean's list at the university, and they probably approached all the outstanding students. To this day, I still have that letter that I received in the mail. The possibility of fulfilling the dream - and with one of the most prestigious security institutions in the world - was in my hands, but I finally decided, for my own reasons, to remain a citizen.


But a few months ago, for one evening, I realized my dream of becoming an investigator, and I succeeded in successfully breaking my first (real) case.


A friend of mine called me and told me about a new documentary series on Israeli television, in which the crew joins real policemen in the field. The episode she was watching was a story about a young man who had locked himself in a crane and threatened to commit suicide after confessing to a murder. The police force began negotiations to get him down from the crane, and sent a police psychologist to see his wife, to talk to her and record her voice, asking him to come home. The really interesting part of this story is that my friend swore to me that, when the film crew went to the woman’s home, the building they went to was the building where I live.


At first I was skeptical; I imagined that the details were blurred. They didn’t show the woman's face, and I was sure it would be difficult to identify the building. The buildings in Israel aren’t very different to each other. There are quite a few buildings that look very similar to mine. I looked up the program on the internet, and watched the episode… and when they reached the point where the police psychologist visited the killer's house, I was amazed! It was definitely the building where I live.


There is a murderer living in my building…


I decided I'd find out who it was. Since not all the apartments are identical, and since the angle of the shot only showed one type of apartment in the building, I reduced the possibilities to nine apartments. Of the nine apartments, I personally know two of the families. No chance of it being one of those. So I reviewed all the other apartments and looked for a light blue sign on the door, because when they took the crew into the apartment, a light blue (blurred) sign was shown briefly. I scouted out each floor and found no sign of light blue - except on my floor!


The problem was that one of the two families I knew live on my floor. She is my friend! Her daughter studies with my son, and she’s not even married. Her kids' father doesn’t live with her, and he’s certainly not a murderer. He works on various reality productions on television…


The penny finally dropped.


My dear friend and neighbor was, indeed, the woman on the show. The production team (which also includes my neighbor's former partner) couldn’t accompany the police in real time to all their investigations, so they staged some of the footage after the events had actually happened.


I was pleased with myself for cracking the mystery in such a short time, and also learned a lesson that we should all learn: don’t believe everything shown on television - even if it’s called a "documentary."



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