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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

February 28, 2017


My previous post dealt with the global Islamic terrorism issue and how I think the world should be very concerned about it. The world should also be concerned about those who still think that the source of all this evil is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (and, unfortunately, there are many people like that, who still can’t figure out the source of all this evil).

So, for those who still believe that Israel is the source of all evil in the world, and for those who just can’t figure out who is set against whom in the world’s best-known conflict, I'll try to make some sense of it. The truth is that this conflict is not so complicated as some try to make out. I don't think there’s a simple solution, but the data itself is quite simple.


Here’s a very good explanation from Dennis Prager:



As Dennis says in the video - and it’s important to clarify this: there has never been a Palestinian state, or even a Muslim state, where the State of Israel now exists. However, there’s archeological evidence that there was a Jewish state here, and that Jews lived in the region of Israel for thousands of years (from BC until the establishment of the new Israeli state in 1948).

But what about those "Palestinians" who claim they’ve been sitting here for centuries? First, it’s important to clarify that by "centuries," they actually mean little more than a hundred years. Historical evidence found by writers and historians shows that the Land of Israel was deserted for many years, except for a handful of Christians and Jews. Those Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" are immigrants from neighboring countries who came to Israel at the end of Turkish rule and during the British Mandate (at the beginning of the 20th century). The name "Palestine" was given to the country by the British (therefore, not before 1917). I'm talking here about historical facts…

You won’t find in history (i.e. history prior to the 20th century) a Palestinian culture, a Palestinian people, or a Palestinian flag. Palestine is a product of the 20th century.


I’ve been brief here. If you want references for everything I’ve written, you can visit this website and read the article at the link below:

The Arabs in the Holy Land - Native or Invaders?


However - and I want to emphasis this: I don’t underestimate the suffering of others, even if it was caused by the unwillingness of Arab leaders to recognize the Jewish right to have a state. I don’t underestimate those refugees who fled their homes during the War of Independence in 1948. (A reminder: the Israeli War of Independence broke out just days after David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, held out a hand of peace to all the leaders of the neighboring countries...and, in return, they all attacked the new country that was full of refugees and Holocaust survivors. They lost, and so thousands of Arabs fled their homes.) But I also want to remind you that I’m too a granddaughter of refugees (from Europe). Many of my friends are Jewish refugees from Arab states such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Yemen. While we Jews left the past behind (many times without receiving any compensation) and moved on, and have built a state, Palestinian refugees prefer to wallow in self-pity. For that, I don't blame the ordinary man, but the Palestinian leaders who live in luxury on donations from the West.

Here, too, I have a link to Alan Dershowitz’s lecture - he says it much better than I:



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