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Michael Moore in Trumpland

November 8, 2016


I started watching Michael Moore in TrumpLand – and I just couldn't go on. I'm not an American citizen, I'm not voting today, and I have no idea who would've got my vote if I was an American. There are issues over which I agree with the Republican party, and some issues with which I agree with the Democrats. But the thing that’s hard for me in Michael Moore's monologue, which is very characteristic of people from the left side of the political map, is the lack of respect for other people's thoughts and beliefs. It's not only an American disease. It also happens here in Israel, and I guess it's a global disease. Its effect is that people on the fence choose right eventually, and in reality, most people are on the fence – not because they can't think for themselves, but because there’s more than one issue in each election. You may be pro-gay marriage, for example, against gun control, support the war against ISIS and want a global economy. Not everything’s black and white...or blue or red.


But when someone - Michael Moore for example - says (supposedly as a joke): "It's something I actually admire about conservatives. You have the courage of your convictions, you’re relentless, you’re like: this is the way I believe damn it, and that's it! And we’re like: well, I don't know, can I think about it a little bit…"






This is exactly what I'm talking about. According to Michael Moore, conservative people are relentless. You won't be able to convince them of your belief, while people like him are open-minded. What a joke! (Though not the one Michael Moore intended to tell.) That's why, for example, many people are still unable to say "Islamic terror." ISIS has given them many, many reasons to think about it, and still the words can't come out of their mouths. (Just one example about how non-conservative people are "open-minded"…)


Later, Moore puts a wall around Latino people and sends a UAV to look down on a section of Muslims. Again, I found it incredibly unfunny. That's the point at which I stopped watching - and started writing. I know it was a joke and a provocation – but, to me, it was exactly how Moore sees “conservative,” while I’ve no doubt in my mind that many Americans (not only conservatives) are worried about illegal immigrants, and very, very worried about Islamic terror. I can tell you one last thing: I'm not an expert, but my gut feeling is that if it wasn’t Trump for the Republicans, it wouldn't be a tie…. Hillary can win this election thanks to Trump….




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