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January 24, 2015

This is really not the first post I've ever written.

I started my career in writing on an Israeli blogger site called Tapuz (the fruit ‘orange’). It all started when my son was a few months old and I was already thirty-two years old. I was looking for my way in life. After battling for years to become a mom, when I reached my goal, I was restless.

Four years earlier I had become a CPA, but at that point in my life it was clear to me that I didn't want to pursue a career in this field. By the way, I'm still working and earning a living as an accountant and I love my profession, but I’ve no desire to become a senior finance manager or a partner in an accounting firm.


During my search, I met a therapist who told me that she thought I should start writing. The thought of writing a blog had crossed my mind before, but at that time I - apparently - needed the extra push to get started. For two years, I shared my thoughts in my personal blog, and finally I decided to try something a bit more challenging.

To write a book.


At that time I suffered a very big emotional crisis: I was pregnant again and during a routine ultrasound examination, I discovered that my pregnancy had foundered. I left the clinic crying - I knew that it was my last pregnancy. (I had seven pregnancies but only have one child.) I also knew I had to find a new purpose to my life.

Since I had already experience as a blogger, I decided to write my book in the form of a blog. Within months, the blog, which was supposedly the secret diary of Sharon Moskovitz, attracted more and more fans, because for my readers, it was the true story of Sharon Moskovitz.

After all the chapters of the book were published in the blog, I confided to my readers that it was fiction and not a true story and I deleted the blog; the collection was then published as a book in February 2011.


The first part in the series ‘Confessions of an Abandoned Wife’ was published on Amazon in December 2014; two additional parts will be published during 2015.

In the series ‘Confessions of an Abandoned Wife,’ it was important for me to send a message related to the leisure culture in the Western world - more specifically, the lack of leisure.


I started writing my second book, ‘Hill of Secrets,’ right after ‘Confessions of an Abandoned Wife’ was published in Israel. Here, too, I had a message to deliver. To be honest, I had a few messages, but the main one related to the inability of many people, healthy in body and spirit, to take responsibility for their lives. This is a topic that really bothers me and I see it in every aspect of life: people who don't know how to live within their budget… people who can’t admit mistakes they make at work or with educating their kids… etc.

The book's name in Hebrew is ‘Family Kill.’ The Hebrew name is a wink to the name of a successful Israeli TV lifestyle series - the best English translation I can give its name in order to understand the pun is ‘Family in Heal.'

‘Hill of Secrets’ was published in February 2013, exactly two years after ‘Confessions of an Abandoned Wife’ was published.


Because I was a little-known writer, I received a very little exposure in Israel. However, I often still receive warm feedback from readers who happen upon my books.

When I first heard about the possibility of publishing my books on, I thought it was a sci-fi kind of idea - and in any case my books are too ‘Israeli.’ But then I met L.L. Fine and realized, thankfully, that I was wrong. Publishing on is no wacky, sci-fi idea at all, it turns out… and I discovered that it was precisely the fact that the book refers to life in Israel that engages people who want to read about a slightly different culture.


My first book on is actually the second book I published in Israel; the first book will be published during 2015 as a series. (The first part was published in December 2014.)


In November, I took up the Israeli Nanowrimo challenge, and I’m very proud that I was able to meet the challenge and finished a (short) book during the thirty days of November 2014. I’m waiting now for the results of the competition, but I guarantee that the book will be available on in the second half of 2015.

In this blog, I’ll try to update you on my projects and address topics that interest me and are the basis for my writing.


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