I was born by the name Michal Kruk on August 19th 1974 in Ramat Gan, a city east of Tel Aviv, where I still live today. I grew up and was educated in modern-religious education.

I joined the army (in Israel it is obligatory) in 1992 where I served in the Israel Defense Force as a Logistic Officer. Throughout the years I practiced martial arts (Kung Fu and Jujutsu) and after my military services I met my husband at the club where I trained. Due to my religious education I could not move in with my husband without a wedding so we were married at a young age. I was 23 and my husband was 24.

At the same time I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics and Accounting at Tel Aviv University. Five years later I also received a master's degree in law. I was sure that in a few years I would be a senior finance manager, but reality had led me in another direction.

Michal Hartstein, Writer

April 1st 1993, becoming an Israeli-army officer

With Yitzchak Mizrachi, my Kong-Fu trainer

June 19th 2005 getting my Mater degree in Law

My wedding day, March 25th 1998

From age 26 to 32 I was completely immersed in the struggles of becoming a mom. My career, like so many others, was pushed aside. Treatments, tests, abortion disappointments, all became the center of my life. In April 2006 my son was born and my struggle was crowned a success.

After the birth of my son, I knew that I had no interest in developing a career in finance and started writing a blog. In 2008 I tried to get pregnant again and after an especially traumatic miscarriage I decided to abandon the world of treatments and invest my energy in creating. For several years I sculpted Paper-Mache and all the while I wrote my first book.

In 2011 Israel published my first book: "Confession of an abandoned wife ". Two years later, in February 2013 I published my second book "Hill of Secrets” (The first book in the Hadas Levinger series) .

In 2014 I participated in the Israeli Nanowrimo contest and wrote Deja Vu. The book was one of the winners and was published in Israel in 2015. My fourth book, The Hit, (the second book in the Hadas Levinger series) was published in Israel in June 2018.

ת"א, שבוע הספר, יוני 2013

Since 2014 I'm translating and publishing all my books in English. All the books are available on Amazon.com.

In this clip you can see me talking about "Hill of Secrets" and reading a few pages. This was shot as part of an Israeli project called "Writers read". It is of course in Hebrew and for those of you, who understand my beautiful language – the Hebrew version of "Hill of Secrets" has a different title. In Israel the book was published under "Family Kills"

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